The Love of Two Oranges! by Joe Gallivan

Hopper-Dean-Tippett-Gallivan Quartet 1977


Footage of jazz set by quartet. Starts with the band setting up and tuning, dramatic introduction on grand piano. The quartet is comprised of piano, saxophone, drum kit and bass guitar. Mostly traditional jazz with improvisation and some more experimental touches, including what seems to be some effects processing on the bass guitar and an electric xylophone/synthesizer. Unusually for the Third Eye films there are a lot of fades between shots and the footage is well edited. There are regular changes of camera angle, suggesting the possibility of footage from more than one camera. The film ends on the band’s encore.

HOPPER/DEAN/TIPPETT/GALLIVAN was an experimental jazz outfit formed in 1976 by former Soft Machine members Hugh Hopper (bass) and Elton Dean (sax), and jazz pianist Keith Tippett and drummer/synth player Joe Gallivan. – Uploaded to Vimeo by CCA: Glasgow

Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan – Intro & Calyx

Hopper / Dean / Tippett / Gallivan – Seven Drones live in London

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – My Quest For Peace

Charles Austin, Joe Gallivan and voices – Peace In The World

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – Cannonball

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – To Each His Own

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – Duet

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – John’s Piece

Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan & Voices – Delight Fulness

JOE GALLiVAN :: Materialism (1992)

Joe Gallivan Top # 20 Facts