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TOM MCNALLEY – electric guitar
JOE GALLIVAN – percussion, midi drums
MARCUS WEBB – electric bass, electric guitar, gopichand

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EUROPE-Joe-Gallivan-800Europe – Joe Gallivan

01-Linear Moments +
02-Coexist +
03-Three +
04-After Three +
05-Paris Music +
06-Conversation As It Is +
07-Where was the N.Y. Times – When We Needed Them +
08-Goodbye to Paris +
09-This is What We Do *
10-Re-mix This is What We Do *

+The First 8 Titles by Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan
Recorded in Europe (As a Duo) by Various Recordists
The Duo is Charles Austin ( Saxophones & Flutes) &
Joe Gallivan (Moog Synthesizer)

*The Last 2 Titles by Joe Gallivan
Recorded In London by Steve Lowe,
Remixed In Los Angeles by Ron Grant
Joe Gallivan (Moog, Electronic Percussion),
Pat Thomas (Keyboards & Samplers),
Gary Smith (Guitar)
Elton Dean (Saxophones)
Claude Deppa, Guy Barker & Jim Dvorak (Trumpets)
Thanks to all!

Dedicated to Wendy Oxenhorn and Alicia Bay Laurel (c) 2014

“An electronic sound as warm & evocative as any acoustic music” TIME OUT (LONDON)

Urban Green

Urban Green is :
In 1984, I put together a nine-piece acoustic “Big band” called “Soldiers of the Road” which worked around London and played several festivals as well as making a CD under my name called “Innocence”  and two recordings for the BBC..

The concept of the band was a quartet( Elton Dean , Evan Parker, Marcio Mattos and myself) with five brass. Unfortunately Elton and trombonist Paul Rutherford are no longer with us. The new group is a similar small group plus five brass except the whole band is electric. The sound is huge and the band is even more adventurist than the original with a few of the same musicians and some new faces.



Joe Gallivan – Austin

with Charles Austin, Saxophones, Flutes, Reeds, Moog Synthesizer, Percussion. Reproduced from album format to compact disk in January 2000. Charles Austin is a creative artist who has slipped through the cracks of the “music industry” yet even at an advanced age is able to keep his skills together as a multi-instrumentalist practicing many hours daily while waiting to be called to perform. Hopefully one doesn’t have to be a musician to hear that his lines and melodies are unique onto him drawing from diverse sources and built in a personal and fluid way. A master of many jazz styles, he a forged a music from ethnic musics combined with a depth only a mature musician with Memphis roots and a thirst for knowledge can even begin to create. This CD originally recorded in 1973 still sounds fresh and vital and you all deserve to hear it. What does Charles Austin deserve?——–certainly not infamy.