EUROPE-Joe-Gallivan-800Europe – Joe Gallivan

01-Linear Moments +
02-Coexist +
03-Three +
04-After Three +
05-Paris Music +
06-Conversation As It Is +
07-Where was the N.Y. Times – When We Needed Them +
08-Goodbye to Paris +
09-This is What We Do *
10-Re-mix This is What We Do *

+The First 8 Titles by Charles Austin & Joe Gallivan
Recorded in Europe (As a Duo) by Various Recordists
The Duo is Charles Austin ( Saxophones & Flutes) &
Joe Gallivan (Moog Synthesizer)

*The Last 2 Titles by Joe Gallivan
Recorded In London by Steve Lowe,
Remixed In Los Angeles by Ron Grant
Joe Gallivan (Moog, Electronic Percussion),
Pat Thomas (Keyboards & Samplers),
Gary Smith (Guitar)
Elton Dean (Saxophones)
Claude Deppa, Guy Barker & Jim Dvorak (Trumpets)
Thanks to all!

Dedicated to Wendy Oxenhorn and Alicia Bay Laurel (c) 2014

“An electronic sound as warm & evocative as any acoustic music” TIME OUT (LONDON)